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Should You Invest in a Glass Elevator?

July 10, 2024

Are you looking for ways to improve or reshape your commercial building’s design? One way to add a new touch is through the installation of a glass elevator. There are many benefits to investing in a glass elevator which will only help your business thrive.  

Beautiful Aesthetic Design

Glass elevators provide a sleek and minimalistic look. The transparent material of its walls blends in with its surroundings. With panoramic views, individuals will walk into your elevator and see what your commercial building has to offer. Glass elevators also offer a luxury type of feel to any kind of building which can only help boost your aesthetic.  

Natural Lighting

Glass elevators will be able to capture natural light from windows in your building, which creates a brighter and more open look. You won’t have to deal with the dim and sometimes off-putting coloring of fluorescent lighting. Natural light also helps boost moods and increases happiness which means that your employees and customers will have better experiences when navigating the floors of your building. 

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Environmentally Conscious & Cost-Efficient

Since a glass lift uses natural lighting, less electricity is needed to run the elevator. These run very differently than regular elevators, which need lights to be running constantly. With the lack of electricity usage, the glass elevator is limiting its carbon footprint which in turn saves the environment. This will also help cut down costs to run the elevator, as light electricity can sometimes cause rising costs.

Better Customer Experience

Customer experience is everything for different kinds of commercial businesses. You’ll want to make sure they are having a positive experience the minute they step on the elevator. With a glass lift, customers will be able to see the area around them, enjoy the beautiful design, boost their mood with natural lighting, and be proud of the environmentally friendly decision.  

Buckley’s Glass Elevator Projects 

Buckley Elevator has plenty of experience installing glass elevators. In one project with Restoration Hardware, Boston, Buckley helped create a glass traction elevator similar to the Bradbury Building in Los Angeles. With our installation services, we created a glass elevator that showed the building’s life core going up through the floors, leading eyes to the Restoration Hardware’s domed ceilings.  

Glass elevators have the power to transform your building’s aesthetics while also saving money and being environmentally cautious. If you have any interest in investing in a glass elevator, let Buckley Elevator help you with the process.