Emergency Repair

At Buckley Elevator we understand your elevators are critical to you. We pride ourselves on being prepared to complete timely and efficient repairs. Our mobile repair teams are stocked with components needed for common repairs and are strategically located throughout our service areas to ensure timely and efficient service. Our warehouse is stocked with thousands of parts that will be delivered by our warehouse personnel wherever and whenever needed. Our service department never closes. Working elevators are essential; it’s more than just inconvenience when they’re down. You, your tenants, patients, students and your customers need them. Call us any time, any day, and we’ll be right over.

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    Buckley Elevator will survey your elevator and provide an estimate for the repairs we recommend. We understand your elevator is important to you, we will ensure this process is timely and efficient.

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    Getting Started

    Call us at 978-594-1197 or email us at info@buckleyelevator.com to schedule an on-site consultation.