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About Buckley Elevator

When you need service you get it.  We continue to define and lead the industry by providing top-notch service, customer support and follow-up.  We’re family owned and operated.  Our team of mechanics are the best in the business.  How we work with our customers says a lot about us. We understand you have a business to run, property to manage, or freight to move. Whatever you do, you need your elevator to work. You have other things to worry about. Leave your elevators to us.

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Our Services

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Preventative Maintenance & Repair

The best defense is a good offense. A proactive maintenance and service plan for your elevator will prevent breakdown and prolong the life of your equipment.

Our service department never closes. Working elevators are essential; it’s more than just inconvenience when they’re down. You, your tenants, patients, students and your customers need them. Call us any time, any day, and we’ll be right over.

We repair and service all makes and models, regardless of the manufacturer or age of the equipment. Is your elevator old or obsolete? Buckley Elevator is your best bet for getting it repaired. Between our extensive parts inventory and resourceful mechanics we will get your elevator running.

State Inspection

We handle the application and inspection process for you from start to finish. Safety inspections are required annually (In Massachusetts) for passenger elevators and every two years for lifts and LULA elevators.


A full modernization or phased-in upgrades…we’ll guide you through taking a course of action; we will replace what’s necessary, retain what’s working, and keep your elevator running. Buckley Elevator uses non-proprietary equipment as it will save you thousands of dollars in parts and repair costs over the life of the equipment. As your elevator ages you will be free to purchase replacement parts on the open market at competitive prices.

Piston Jack Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement

We have an experienced team and all of the equipment necessary to complete a jack/piston/hydraulic cylinder replacement in-house. This translates in to getting the job completed quickly, professionally, and with a minimum of down-time.

New Installation

Buckley Elevator will install only non-proprietary equipment for which replacement parts are readily available. When you need to replace parts as the elevator ages, your non-proprietary equipment will be compatible with the best quality parts at competitive prices.

Wheelchair Lift Installation

Buckley Elevator is a licensed dealer and installer of Savaria wheelchair lifts.

VRC and Materials Lift Installation

Buckley Elevator installs all models of lifts. No exceptions.

Residential Lift Installation

Buckley Elevator is a licensed installer of Inclinator and Savaria residential elevators.



We’re everywhere, from two-story buildings to high rises, colleges, hospitals, and ferries going to Nantucket.  Whether you have an industrial freight elevator in a manufacturing setting, a show-piece elevator in a high-end retail establishment in the Back Bay, a lift to get your customers in the front door, or just want to get to your condo on the tenth floor at the end of the day, your project is important to us. 

If your elevators are down it will impact your business and your life.  We get it.  We work hard every day to earn the respect and trust of our customers.   

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