Full-Service Commercial Elevator Company

Buckley Elevator redefines excellence in commercial elevator services. Our prompt responsiveness, advanced maintenance protocols, and superior modernizations and repairs have positioned us at the forefront of the elevator industry.

Our Core Elevator Services

Buckley Elevator can help you with all of your elevator needs. We do everything from installation through upgrading.

Here are just some of the ways we can help you.

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Professional Elevator Maintenance Company

Buckley will provide all the maintenance your elevator needs.

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Modernize, Replace & Upgrade Your Elevator

Modernizing your elevator will provide enhanced ride quality, increase rider safety and eliminate costly repairs of older equipment that has exceeded its useful life.

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Elevator Repair Services in Massachusetts & Rhode Island

We repair and service all elevator manufacturer makes and models, regardless of the age of the equipment.

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Elevator Air Purifier and Disinfectant

Keep your passengers safe with CleanCab commercial elevator air purification system installed by Buckley Elevator.

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Elevator Installations

We use only non-proprietary parts so you can make updates down the line.

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Site Evaluation

Buckley Elevator will complete a field survey on the condition of your elevator components and provide insight on the life of the equipment.

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Emergency Repair

Call us any time, any day, and we’ll be right there to make repairs.

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Hydraulic Cylinder & Piston Replacements

If you are in need of a hydraulic cylinder and piston replacement, Buckley Elevator should be your first call. We will evaluate the project and have pricing and lead time within 48 hours.

Why Choose Buckley Elevator

Industry leading responsiveness. When you need service you get it. Skilled and experienced technicians. You have other things to worry about, leave your elevators to us.



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