Elevator Installations

Buckley Elevator will install only non-proprietary equipment for which replacement parts are readily available. When you need to replace parts as the elevator ages, your non-proprietary equipment will be compatible with the best quality parts at competitive prices.

Experienced Elevator Installers

Nothing sets us apart from other elevator companies more than the quality of our installers. Highly-trained, diligent, and never settling for “good enough,” they stay up-to-date on the latest elevator technology. This allows them to repair and maintain even the newest elevator models and equipment.

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Essential Elevator Components for Installation

Elevator engineering has remained fundamentally the same over the years, but many small tweaks have made the ride smoother. Computer-controlled systems have also increased efficiency and speed.

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Elevator Car

  • The elevator car, also known as the cabin, is the space where passengers or goods are transported, making it the most visible and essential component of the elevator system.
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Cables and Ropes

  • Cables and ropes bear the weight of the elevator car and its load, pulling or lowering the car through the hoistway, thus playing a critical role in the movement of the elevator.
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Elevator Machine

  • The elevator machine, often an electric motor, generates the power required to lift or lower the elevator car by winding or unwinding the cables and ropes.
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  • The controller acts as the "brain" of the elevator, receiving signals from buttons inside and outside the elevator car and directing the elevator machine to move the car to the desired floor.
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Safety Systems

  • Safety systems, including brakes, safety edges, and overspeed governors, are vital for preventing accidents, ensuring that the elevator stops properly at each floor, and controlling the speed of the elevator.


  • The hoistway, or elevator shaft, provides the vertical space in a building through which the elevator car moves, guiding the path of the elevator and isolating it from other building structures.
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Guide Rails

  • Installed within the hoistway, guide rails ensure the smooth and straight movement of the elevator car, preventing any lateral sway during the elevator's operation.
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  • The doors provide safe entry and exit to and from the elevator car, automatically opening when the car reaches a floor and closing before the car begins to move, thus playing a crucial role in the safety and efficiency of elevator operation.