Elevator designs to suit your aesthetic

Elevator Design Trends to Suit Your Aesthetic

June 20, 2023

Most people tend to picture elevators as featureless, steel boxes that simply take them from point A to point B. However, there’s no reason to keep your elevator design cold and boring. They can be both efficient and aesthetically pleasing, especially with the latest trends and technology.

In fact, in the late 1800s and early 1900s, elevators were often designed to be extremely fancy, as they were such a luxury amenity in places like hotels. Riding in one was considered a unique experience and as such they were embellished to reflect that. Gas-powered chandeliers, ornamental iron and bronze work, and more were added to make the ride feel opulent and brag-worthy.

Elevators may be more common today, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the aesthetics. If you’re thinking of modernizing, replacing, or installing an elevator, consider these current design trends so you can pick an elevator that suits your building’s appearance.

All Glass Cab

Glass elevators are extremely striking and trendy, especially when they’re placed in the center of the building instead of off to the side. The transparency allows for more natural light to flow into the cab, and give your riders a great view as they ascend or descend. They also give the illusion of the cab being larger and less cramped, which can be extremely calming to those who don’t care for tight spaces.

They also have the added benefit of riders waiting to get on being able to see how crowded the cab might be before the door even opens. Few things are more annoying than waiting for the elevator to hit your floor, only for the doors to open and reveal there’s no room in the cab. 

Vinyl Floors

People rarely put much thought into an elevator’s floors, but adding vinyl flooring can actually make a big difference to the elevator’s appearance. The key is to use a different flooring pattern or color from the area the rider has come from, as this gives the illusion of them entering a whole new space.

Vinyl is good because it is relatively inexpensive but can give the illusion of marble, granite, and other luxury floorings. They’re also easy to clean and cheaper to replace than the real deal. This makes them ideal for the budget-conscious builder.

Mirrored Walls

Mirrors aren’t a new concept for elevator walls. They were originally added to help distract nervous riders when elevators were still new. However, the fact that they’ve stuck around despite elevators becoming so commonplace in our everyday lives shows that they’re a classic aesthetic choice to boot. They add depth to the elevator cab, making it appear bigger and less claustrophobic. The mirrors also reflect light so the cab appears brighter as well.

An added benefit is that mirrored walls can help riders in wheelchairs more easily back in and out of the elevator. This makes it both aesthetically pleasing and extremely practical.

Elevators are an integral part of a building’s design, and their appearance should fit your building’s style. Look into the latest trends and consider incorporating a few of them into your elevator design today.