Know when to get your elevator serviced

Signs That It’s Time to Service Your Elevator

January 20, 2024

Elevators get a lot of usage every day. In Massachusetts, you typically have to get an elevator inspection annually or biannually, but that doesn’t mean issues can’t pop up throughout the year. Luckily, there are often signs that it’s time to service your elevator. If you keep your eyes and ears open for them, you could get the issue fixed while it’s still small, rather than spending a lot of money on major elevator repairs.

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Strange Sounds

Modern elevators typically don’t make much noise. They’re designed to be quiet for a relaxing ride. Normally you’ll only hear the barest hint of a hum or perhaps the soothing melody of elevator music.

If you’re starting to hear noises like gears grinding, brakes screeching, or other out-of-place sounds in the usually quiet elevator, it’s vital that you call your elevator repair company to investigate. Even if the issue they’re indicating is minor, strange sounds can be off-putting to riders and might make them nervous about riding.

Slow Rides & Long Wait Times

On average, a passenger elevator travels between 5-22 mph. This ensures riders get to their desired destination quickly and smoothly. Naturally, there are wait times as the cab travels between floors, especially during high-traffic periods of the day.

However, if the elevator seems to be operating more slowly than usual, this could be a sign there’s something wrong. It could be that parts are wearing down due to handling excess weight, especially if it’s been getting more use than usual.

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The Cab Isn’t Level With the Floor

You might not notice this, but when an elevator cab stops at a floor and the doors open, the cab’s floor is completely level with the entryway. This prevents tripping hazards and allows better accessibility. After all, elevators are most helpful for those who need mobility devices, like walkers and wheelchairs.

If your elevator isn’t stopping completely level at the floor, then it’s time to get the elevator serviced. The door opening a few inches above or below the actual floor could be a sign something is wrong with the sensors or even the brakes. It’s a small, often subtle sign, but it could be an indicator of a bigger problem.

The Elevator Breaks Down Frequently

This is perhaps the most obvious sign that your elevator needs to be serviced. Of course, elevators break down once in a while, especially older ones. But when your elevator breaks down often, that’s a sure sign that something major isn’t getting fixed. It might even be a sign that it’s time to replace the elevator entirely.

While this might seem drastic and expensive, elevators that break down frequently are a bigger monetary loss. Time is money, and when visitors and employees can’t get where they need to go in your building, time is being wasted. That, and it can reflect negatively on your building’s reputation, resulting in a loss of business. On top of that, not having a working, accessible elevator could invoke fines. It’s better to get it serviced ASAP to save yourself later costs.

Elevators are very good at indicating that it’s time for them to be serviced. You just need to know what signs to look for. If your elevator is showing signs that it needs maintenance or repairs, contact us and we’ll get you back in working order in no time.