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A Word With Buckley Elevator President – Linda Buckley

September 12, 2023

In the world of elevators, Linda Buckley’s name resonates as a driving force behind the success of Buckley Elevator. With a journey that began over 15 years ago, Linda’s leadership as the President of the company has transformed it into a customer-focused powerhouse, reshaping the industry entirely.

Why Elevators?

Linda, a Massachusetts native, discovered her passion for the elevator business when her brother, Tom Buckley, a veteran with three decades of industry experience, shared his frustrations about the constant shortcomings of elevator services. Linda put her original career as an attorney on hold to delve into the crumbling industry. 

Their inspiration was simple but profound; to address the widespread customer dissatisfaction in the elevator industry. With a strong belief in professional, timely service, Linda put her mind to providing elevators and service that exceeded customer expectations. Hingham and Salem, MA, became the bases of their operations, with Linda residing on the north shore and her brother on the south shore.

Projects Through the Years

Linda’s first big breakthrough running Buckley Elevator was when they undertook a contract to install 40 elevators for Lennar Corp.’s townhomes in the Hingham Shipyard. This opportunity was a turning point that paved the way for other larger projects and solidified their reputation as a trustworthy partner in the industry.

Don’t be fooled; none of these projects just came up by accident. In order to land the job for Lennar Corp., Linda Buckley had to be proactive. Rumors were floating around the elevator industry that the project manager at Lennar Corp. was unsatisfied with his current elevator company. Linda offered him Buckley Elevator’s services, and they did not disappoint. 

Linda’s determination is evident when examining the company’s organic growth. She relied on word of mouth and referrals to expand the company’s reach. This approach not only spoke to the quality of their services but also mirrored their commitment to building lasting relationships.

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Company Culture

Central to Buckley Elevator’s success is the company culture that Linda has cultivated. She believes in treating employees with respect and fostering camaraderie. Happy employees lead to stellar work performance which leads to happy customers. 

Attracting top talent has been a key priority for Linda. She understands that good management is a magnet for skilled professionals. The connection between employee satisfaction and excellent service highlights her holistic approach to not just Buckley Elevator, but business in general.

A Dedicated Leader

Linda Buckley’s hands-on involvement is critical in shaping Buckley Elevator’s identity. With an eight person office staff and a workforce of twenty-five, the company has grown exponentially in size. 

Buckley Elevator also recently expanded its operations to Rhode Island, where they completed installations for the Woonsocket Housing Authority. Their work received high praise from the RI inspectors saying they “have never seen work that good”, further establishing Buckley Elevator’s reputation for top-notch service.

Recognizing that the elevator market faces dissatisfaction across industries, she leads her team to embrace the challenge of diverse projects. This adaptability has enabled Buckley Elevator to serve a broad range of clientele ranging from academic to retail.

Linda’s team is highly trained in servicing 30-year-old models to cutting-edge installations; their versatility and expertise are a testament to her leadership. The company’s commitment and its reliance on word of mouth for hiring underscore the trust Linda places in her team.

In essence, Linda Buckley’s journey as the President of Buckley Elevator embodies resilience, innovation, and a dedication to customers and employees alike. Her story is one of strategic and values-driven leadership that has shaped an elevator company into a beacon of excellence within the industry.  

With a clear focus on customer satisfaction and a willingness to adapt to an ever-evolving market, Linda’s legacy continues to elevate both her business and the standards of the industry as a whole. Contact Buckley Elevator to inquire about your elevator!