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5 Tips to Prevent an Elevator Breakdown

March 26, 2024

Let’s face it, with all kinds of intense machinery, it’s possible for things to break down. Even elevators can stop working once in a while. If you’d rather not live in an Office episode when Pam and Dwight get trapped in a broken elevator, there are some ways to stop it from happening. 

Here are five tips to prevent an elevator breakdown.  

Get Educated on Elevator Breakdown Statistics

A well-maintained elevator in a commercial or residential environment has about 0.5 to 2 breakdowns per year. Industrial and service elevators have higher breakdown rates from 2 to 4 per year. 

The typical causes for elevator breakdowns include the following:

  • Badly maintained equipment
  • Bad equipment design
  • Improper installation 
  • High intensity of usage
  • Water, fire, vandalism, or electrical network failures

Have Routine Inspections

Like any moving object with electrical power, there are required inspections to check on the elevator’s technical operations. Regular inspections can help you identify problems before they cause a breakdown. Here at Buckley, we can perform routine inspections. However, it’s helpful if employees of your business can go the extra mile to practice these check-ups regularly. 

Here is what you should include in your routine check-up:

  • Test the smoke detectors and fire alarms within the elevator
  • Check the power supply
  • Check oil levels 
  • Check the emergency stop button and alarm system
  • Look for ventilation within the elevator itself  

It’s important to educate all employees on the different aspects of the elevator so they don’t face issues when they’re inside it. If you or anyone in your building notices issues regarding these functions or others, reach out to us for assistance.

Manage Power Quality

Changes to the voltage of a building overall can interfere with your elevator system. The age of a lift system, like an elevator, can greatly impact its power quality. One way to manage this is by implementing a new-generation drive and control system for your lift system. This can reduce energy by almost 74%. 

Elect a facilities manager to conduct a power quality survey to find general issues within the building’s electrical system. 

Modernize Your Elevator 

One of the biggest ways to prevent an elevator breakdown is by modernizing your elevator. Elevator modernization is updating the supporting machinery and controls to provide safe and efficient transportation. 

Here are certain questions you should ask yourself to see whether it’s time to modernize: 

  • Is my elevator more than 20 years old? 
  • Have I had issues with my elevator? 
  • Can I afford it? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to modernize. 

Some recent trends in modernization in terms of safety include adding sustainability practices and IoT systems that help point out possible network issues. 

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Reach Out to Buckley Elevator 

Buckley prides itself on providing top-notch service to ensure all of your elevators are running smoothly. Do not hesitate to call us with any questions regarding your elevator. From maintenance, elevator repair, modernization, site evaluation, emergency repair, and much more, we will help you determine the problem with your elevator promptly.

Don’t wait until your elevator breaks down to repair any possible issues. A working elevator promises happy passengers and a healthy running business.